“Look not for pity in the houses of the Adepta, for pity is a luxury they can ill-afford. For each must go about their work with the death cries of billions in their ears and the blood of multitudes on their hands. Look not for pity but pity them instead. Weep for they who may shed no tear for the suffering of mankind.”

—The apocrypha of Saint Cullgard

The priesthood which serves the Lord of humanity is often referred to as “the right hand of the Emperor”. It falls to the Adeptus Terra to interpret His will and minister to the Imperium. Many hundreds of thousands of souls labor across the galaxy to serve this vast organisation. There are numerous ancient institutions that make up the priesthood, each with various names on various planets. These varying Adepta, as they are traditionally known, each have a specific function to carry out in the Emperor’s name.

The AdeptaEdit

Adeptus Arbites (The Judges, Lawgivers)

Adeptus Astra Telepathica (The Astropaths, Psykers)

Adeptus Astronomica (The Beacon, The Light of The Emperor, The Ward of Man)

Adeptus Custodes (The Guardians, Watchers of The Throne, The Thousand Companions)

• The Administratum (The Scriptists, The Enumerators)

The Calixis SectorEdit

The Adeptus Terra is nominally the most important group in the Calixis Sector. As the “government” of the Imperium, the Adeptus Terra’s members are responsible for ensuring that the Calixis Sector fulfils its obligations to the Imperium: offering up the correct tithes of materials, manpower and psykers, obeying Imperial laws and never harboring the Emperor’s foes. Lord Sector Marius Hax is the sector governor and he appoints the subsector commanders who oversee the various areas of the Calixis Sector in Terra’s name. Commander Hax himself answers to the commanders of the Segmentum Obscurus.

Through this connection, Hax can request military aid from the Imperial Guard or Navy, or even the mighty Space Marines. However, unless he has strong evidence that the Calixis Sector is in immediate peril, his requests will not be answered. On a smaller scale, Commander Hax could have considerable sway over many of the sector’s Adepts, such as members of the Adeptus Arbites or the Ecclesiarchy. Though Hax rules in a “hands-off ” manner, this influence is not to be underestimated.