Ludmilla is a sturdily built, middle-aged woman who is the self-styled leader of the Red Redemption in the Calixis Sector. She believes that the Emperor is vengeful in the extreme and that it is her duty as a human being to punish every sin, from impure thoughts to excessive cursing, with excessive amounts of fire. Ludmilla believes in purifying fire as strongly as she believes in the Emperor, and loves to see sinners, places of ill repute and whole sections of the underhive consumed in flame. Ludmilla is devoted and not a little crazed. She is an impassioned hellfire preacher and a competent fighter, although she wields her sacred weapon, a pair of massive industrial shears, with more enthusiasm than skill.

Ludmilla’s true skill is in encouraging her faithful to let the Emperor’s fury consume them, until there is nothing left of themselves: no compassion, not even any memory, just the burning hatred of the Emperor for all sinners. Her grandest project is to have the Redemption accepted as a part of the Imperial Creed, and she sends tributes to Arch-Cardinal Ignato in the hope that he will declare the Redemptionists to be valued members of the Adeptus Ministorum. These tributes mostly consist of cartloads of charred sinners left outside the Cathedral of Illumination. So far, Ignato has not responded.

One member of the Sector Synod who has become involved in the schemes of Ludmilla is the cardinal of the Markayn Arch-Diocese, Cardinal Yvenna. Her priests of the Ministorum have come to blows with the Redemptionists on several worlds across the Markayn Marches, and it seems only a matter of time before all-out warfare blooms between the two factions.