Daemonhunter Ahmazzi, Ordo Malleus
Ahmazzi is the Spectarians’ sole Ordo Malleus Inquisitor. He is a grizzled and ancient veteran, close on three hundred years old, whose career has taken him from Titan to the very edges of the Imperium, hunting down Daemons and the corrupt humans who summon them. Now all but decrepit, he has come to the Calixis Sector to, as he puts it, “bask in the radiance of the Tyrant Star and learn its secrets”. A long career has left Ahmazzi intensely cynical and pessimistic. He has come to believe that the Emperor is dead, Chaos cannot be stopped and the human race is doomed.

The Imperium, Ahmazzi believes, is a grotesque symptom of the fact that the human race is currently living through its inevitable and drawn-out extinction. He has dabbled with Radicalism in his career, even being declared Excommunicate by Puritan colleagues for seeking out Daemonic knowledge but no one in the cabal other than Zerbe knows this.

Ahmazzi has no friends and does not particularly care what people think of him, angrily refusing to tell any stories of his astonishing Daemonhunting career, although an acolyte who displays great courage in the face of a Daemonic foe might win Ahmazzi’s grudging respect. Ahmazzi was a martially minded Inquisitor in his prime and secretly would love nothing better than to mount up on his mobile war pulpit, don his armor and take up his Daemonhammer to ride into battle once more against a horde of Daemonic foes. He believes that the Tyrant Star maybe the harbinger of man’s inevitable doom and he wants to be at ground zero to witness the great day when it happens.

Keramiah Tor served Ahmazzi for many years, up until about two decades ago. The Calixian Conclave did not feel that Tor had the wits to be elevated to the status of an Interrogator, and Ahmazzi was forced to accept their judgment, lest he make enemies amongst them. Ahmazzi retained Tor’s services, for he had served stoically against the foes of Mankind for many years, and so his master sponsored his induction into the upper echelons of the Collegiate Exterminatus, where he serves to this day.

Recently, Ahmazzi has come to learn of the plot of a daemon of Tzeentch to destroy the world of Luggnum. He knows only when it will happen, but not how. He is investigating a means to prevent the coming cataclysm.