Fane Sulymann is a fane of Gunmetal City on Scintilla.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Sulymann Encarmine Service Autopistol

Class: Pistol (SP)

A sophisticated autopistol no larger than the average compact stubber, the Encarmine sacrifices stopping power for a reduction in size and increase in clip capacity. Widely carried for personal defense and as a sidearm by “second liners” (such as plainclothes enforcers, hauler rig crews and merchants’ factors), the Encarmine packs a lot of firepower into a relatively small frame. Unfortunately if faced with armored opponents, the firer is likely to wish for something with a good deal more kick.

Pistol, 20m, S/3/8, 1d10, I, PEN 0, Clip 24, RLD Full, WT 2kg, Cost 90, Average

Sulymann Holdout “Salvation” Auto

Class: Pistol (SP)

An extremely compact handgun, (small enough to fit comfortably in a waistcoat pocket or lady’s purse), the Salvation is designed as a personal defense item for merchants, adepts and affluent citizens untrained in weapons as the pistol is entirely self-contained and very easy to use. Intended only for use in emergencies, the Salvation’s internal magazine rounds cannot actually be reloaded without partly dismantling the pistol first, giving it a reputation as little more than a “disposable toy”.

Pistol, 10m, S/3/–, 1d10, I, PEN 0, Clip 7, RLD —, WT 0.7kg, Cost 80, Common

Talon Mark III Short Autopistol

Class: Pistol (SP)

Another common Imperial pattern, manufactured to a high standard by the Fane of Sulymann in Gunmetal (along with several other makers), the Talon is a medium caliber, fullyautomatic caseless cartridge pistol of a sturdy and practical design. Easily maintained, capable of laying down a hail of fire and handy enough to be easily used in confined spaces, autopistols such as the Talon are very popular for hive warfare and used extensively by enforcers and scum alike.

Like most military autopistols, the Talon may also use an extended 30 round clip, but if this is the case, it may not be holstered and must be fired two-handed or the weapon imposes a further –10 penalty to Ballistic Skill Tests.

Pistol, 30m, S/2/6, 1d10+2, I, PEN 0, Clip 18, RLD Full, WT 2.3kg, Cost 70, Common