Ganf Magna is a frontier world in the Periphery of the Calixis Sector. Despite many purge efforts, this forested wilderness retains several pockets of Ork infestation, left over from the last invasion. They exist as small, tribal units of monsters in the dense forests. The Imperial settlers, mainly frontier farmers, wage a constant war with them.

The Rogue Trader vessel Glorious Repose was lost in the Warp after it left Landunder en route to Ganf Magna in 810.M38. It arrived three years ago, emerging from Warp on a dangerous collision course with the planet. With the Imperial Navy weeks away, Planetary Defense Force Captain Tilanders boarded the vessel with fifty of his veteran Guardsman.

The ship's course was diverted, but upon their return to Ganf Magna, Tilanders demanded that he and his men be placed in isolation, where they remain to this day. Many have died of a horrible contagion seemingly contracted without any human contact. Each victim suffers from different symptoms, and the entire company currently awaits Inquisitorial investigation and execution.

Unique EquipmentEdit


“Wot can yer do with it? Ha! Easier to figure out wot yer can’t do with it, eh?”

— Hrobe Dolson, Polygum Harvester

A remarkable substance discovered by accident within the wide verdant forests of Ganf Magna, polygum was stumbled upon several centuries ago by a group of frontier farmers in the midst of an engagement with a large tribe of the feral Orks that continue to infest their planet in present times. Their weapons’ fire had opened up the boles of a number of ancient trees, which proceeded to exude a thick sap. In between bouts of combat, one of the farmers observed that wherever the sap had blended with the dust of the dark purple lichen that covered the tree, it had ceased to flow. He soon discovered that the resulting matter had somewhat the consistency of rubber, but that it could be stretched and readily retained whatever shapes it was formed into. At first a useful curiosity, polygum drew even more positive attention when analysis indicated that it had substantive antibacterial properties, presumably due to its lichen component.

Polygum can, and has, been used to form countess items, though tarps, ponchos and makeshift slings are the most prevalent. It readily serves as a weather sealant and a few tech-priests have been known to bless polygum in order to employ it as a suitable makeshift repair substance for holding machine parts together. An individual with the Medicae skill can employ a ball of polygum to automatically staunch a bleeding wound without a Test and it also serves as an excellent dressing. However, such use causes the polygum to crumble soon after. Polygum is now used throughout the sector, though its rarity makes it costly. It is one of Ganf Magna’s sole exports and it is sent forth in small, cylindrical, carved wood containers.

Cost 75, Very Rare