Grangold is a dead world in the Adrantis Nebula of the Calixis Sector. It is a wasteland of acid-storms, a dead world on which stands---or, more appropriately, survives---a single temple to Saint Drusus, despite the ferocious elemental squall. The temple is staffed by two ancient dreadnoughts of the Iron Hands Chapter. The hazardous environment and volatile staff make this a dangerous shrine to approach, although it is said that “on Grangold, the saint answers all questions”.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Slither Boots

There are a number of polluted environments within the Calixis Sector where the very soil itself is both destructive and toxic. Whether one has to trudge within the salt-fens of Acreage, over the acid storm wastes of Grangold, or through one of the deadly slime jungles of Vaxanide, the journey will be a short one if the ground itself eats away a traveller’s footwear directly exposing them to their surrounding’s toxicity---a common and frequently deadly occurrence for the unprepared. The destitute that live within such places cope as best they can, whilst the wealthy few acquire slither boots.

Slither boots are highly advanced footwear, incorporating a variety of materials including ceramite-woven leather and a circuitry embedded inner frame. Slither boots are designed to withstand the most hostile of environments, releasing chemicals to shield the wearer from acidic and alkaline environments. Slither boots do not slip; regardless of how tractionless a surface may seem, small tendrils emerge from the soles of the boots to help compensate for the movements of their wearer.

Slither boots provide a +10 bonus to Agility Tests made to maintain footing in treacherous or slick conditions and provide 6 AP (Legs) versus corrosives.

Legs, AP 3, WT 6kg, Cost 500, Rare