The Calixis Sector is beset by many threats but few of them are as obvious as rampaging aliens or widespread rebellion. Perhaps the most troubling is the prophecy of the Tyrant Star, the horrific harbinger of ruin and desolation, the spectral sun which consumes light, hope and sanity. This prophecy is known as the Hereticus Tenebrae (“the black doctrine” or “the shadow heresy”) by the Inquisitors of the Calixian Conclave. Reports of the conflict, destruction and psychic cataclysm that accompany apparitions of the black sun are often suppressed, in case disorder and fear overtake entire worlds. The baleful Tyrant Star casts an ill light upon the Calixis Sector and nowhere seems immune from its influence.

Cults and seditionist groups fester in its underhives and moral corruption gnaws away at the nobility, which holds much of the power on the sector’s scattered worlds. Conflicts brew between the Adepta and the great noble families who trace their lineage to the times before Angevin’s conquests. Mysteries abound, for the Calixis Sector was quite evidently occupied by more than one long-vanished civilization in the past. The previous inhabitants of this province of the galaxy have left their indelible traces behind them. Certainly, many Inquisitors of the Calixian Conclave fervently hope that the spectral sun is a legacy of aliens long since gone to dust, for the alternatives have implications that are unspeakable.