“To gain a throne, you must possess a throne---like calls to like. How to gain that first throne? There is the chasm that divides men from serfs.”

–attributed to Barabbas Krin, of House Krin

House Krin are “Drusus’s Bankers”, a very old and close-knit family whose immense fortune stems from offering banking and loans to the other noble houses. They are possibly the oldest of the Great Houses still to have a sector-wide presence and are sharp in their criticism of the “new money” that has so much power in the modern sector. There are houses on almost every planet that rely on House Krin to help maintain their own finances.

The conspicuous expenditure of Hive Sibellus, for example, would be impossible without House Krin loans, and the DeVayne Incorporation could not purchase the rights to generations of Sepheris Secundus’s serfs without House Krin advancing them the funds to do so. House Krin keeps itself to itself but its estates can be found on a great many worlds. They are not as lavish as those of other houses, as their position is secure enough for them not to rely on such vulgarity to ensure their position.

House Krin has a sizeable body of agents in the Goldenhand in Hive Tarsus on Scintilla and keeps smaller taskforces anywhere they can use their large amounts of accessible wealth to make more money. Many nobles are certain that House Krin must have a vault somewhere filled with unimaginable wealth, and even suggest that the house’s senior members view this accumulation of gold with religious awe, but if any of this is true, the location of the House Krin vaults is a closely guarded secret. Similarly House Krin’s most important members rarely deal with anyone outside the house, preferring to have lesser members deal with “outsiders” (a fact that does little to endear them to nobles from other houses).

Virtually all the members of House Krin have a Sister Famulous at hand when negotiating and handling trade, prompting other trading families, such as the Cestelle Alliance, to do the same. Legatine Christal, a member of the Orders Famulous and from the Abbey of the Dawn, is often away from her Iocanthos fortress and has been spotted in recent years arranging a marriage between Friedrich Krin of House Krin and Josi Cestelle of the Cestelle Alliance on Scintilla. It is rumored that the Legatine even officiated at the actual ceremony and blessed the union on behalf of the Order.

Port WanderEdit

House Krin has a substantial presence on Port Wander, gateway to the Koronus Expanse. Within the station's Chamber of Gold, vast loans can be negotiated from the rich robed factors of House Krin. They also jointly control the largest shipyard in the Rubycon II System, B/017 C III, along with the Imperial Navy. The Honorable Representative Pultarch Norn is their chief envoy on the staion.