Inquisitor Astrid Skane, Ordo Hereticus
A formidable woman, Inquisitor Astrid Skane exudes the rough authority of a seasoned arbitrator officer. Tough and resourceful, she is one of the most active of the cabal’s Inquisitors, happy to get her hands dirty rooting out corruption. Skane is a striking woman with a stern, strong face who wears her hair regulation short. She habitually dresses much as she did when she served as an arbitrator on Scintilla, in a black uniform and body armour, and is rarely seen without her shock maul and shotgun.

Only a few centuries prior, she became famous amongst the Inquisition when she rooted out a series of pleasure cults amongst the nobility of Scintilla’s hives. The cults’ malign influence extended as far as the world’s ruling governance and had tendrils rooted deep in the Magistratum. Skane found herself fighting a lonely battle against adversaries wielding power both political and martial. Her success (with several allies from the Tricorn) eventually saw her inducted to the ranks of the Calixian Conclave and elevated to the status of Inquisitor.

Skane respects those who respect her, treats her more skilled acolytes as equals and has little time for pomp and appearances. Skane follows the Recongregators’ creed, which states that the Imperium must be reformed radically to reduce the suffering of its people and that the Inquisition is the only body with the authority and skill to reform it. Skane believes that the Imperium’s woes are caused by corruption among its ruling classes. She developed a particular hatred for corrupt nobles whilst serving as an arbitrator and has carried that through to her work as an Inquisitor. Her operations, therefore, target corruption among the nobility and the Adepta, including the Adeptus Arbites she once served.

She dreams of a future where the Imperium is turned upside-down and justice is the rule rather than the exception, but she realizes that she will not live to see it. She fights for what justice she can and hopes that others will follow her to carry on the battle. Skane is convinced that the Tyrant Star can only be appearing due to some form of summons. She believes there is a powerful cult at work in the sector, employing sorcery to call the Tyrant Star down on mankind. That is a cult she would very much like to personally root out.