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Within the Drusus Marches lies the forbidding forge world of Opus Macharius. Named in honor of Lord Solar Macharius, this planet became part of the Lathes near the end of the Angevin Crusade, and is the home of the revered Legio Venator. From here, as well as their permanent posting within the Lathes on Lycosidae, the Titan Legion stands vigil against any who threaten Imperial sovereignty in the region, and plays a critical role in maintaining order and stability throughout the Calixis Sector.

Forge World Origin[]

Those from the homeworld of the Legio Venator are no strangers to the deafening, ground-shattering footfalls of Titans. Often stronger than those of other forge worlds, the denizens of Opus Macharius are calm under fire---even if they can be somewhat hard of hearing.

Characters originating from Opus Macharius start with the Bulging Biceps and Nerves of Steel Talents, but reduce their starting Perception by 5.