This crowded, reddish-brown world is the current seat of the scholastic order known as the Decatalogues of Prol. This ninth of ten planets of the “Scrivener’s Star” is an ancient seat of the Administratum. Each of the ten planets is given over to record keeping, collation, statistical analysis, archiving and the like. Space is running out on Prol IX leading to a vicious schism within the ranks of the Decatalogues. The Centurists wish to move to the forbidden Prol X within the system, whilst the Pyratics wish to destroy the ancient files stored upon Prol I and raise new temples of information from the ashes of the old. Violent debate and long, impeccably researched discourses are being exchanged between the two factions. These written arguments---some as many as one hundred and six volumes long---are not helping the chronic shortage of space. Recently, these debates have turned violent, with underhanded tactics and outright murders occurring because of them.

Prol IX's under-archives have been the site of conflicts between the Ministorum and the Red Redemption. It also is home to a small contingent of sisters from the Orders Dialogous.