Regulus was an agri-world in the Hazeroth Abyss run by the Administratum, but when their adepts were all killed by a meteor impact, the small feudal kingdoms took over the management of their world. From this, the Cestelle Alliance was born. After their rediscovery and evaluation of their skill at agriculture, the natives of Regulus were left to their own devices as long as their tithe of food was met.

The traditions of Regulus include facial tattooing (with the higher-ranking nobles sporting extraordinarily intricate scrollwork), incinerating the house’s dead on funeral pyres and praying to the Emperor in the raucous manner first taught to the people of Regulus by Imperial missionaries. Those few who have gone to a Cestelle Alliance world have sometimes reported wide-eyed tales of abased rituals around giant burning effigies. The Alliance goes to great lengths to show a sophisticated, aristocratic face to the Calixis Sector but some say they are unable to completely hide their primitive side.

Power GroupsEdit

Cestelle Alliance - Homeworld