At the top of the Ministorum’s hierarchy within the Calixis Sector are the Cardinals of the Sector Synod. Led by Arch-Cardinal Ignato from the Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla, the Sector Synod is more an idea or principle than a rigid structure or chain of command. In theory the Sector Synod is made up of a Cardinal from each of the Calixian Arch-Dioceses and can therefore implement policy or Ministorum edicts across the entire Calixis Sector under the careful eye of Arch-Cardinal Ignato. In practice, the true power of the Ministorum rests more in the hands of the individual Diocesan Synods, often known by the world (or location on that world) where the Cardinal resides. A good example of this is that though Ignato is the head of the Sector Synod, and in theory commands (or at least has substantial influence over) each of the Arch-Dioceses, he actually holds more power as the head of the Tarsine Synod with its wealth and its favored position in the ranks of the Calixian Ministorum.

Sector Synod CardinalsEdit

The Sector Synod is the highest circle of Ecclesiarchy power within the Calixis Sector, and though its members rarely meet face to face, their combined decisions and actions echo across the sub-sector and can determine the lives of countless millions. Each Cardinal of the Sector Synod is a powerful individual in his or her own right, having risen to their lofty position through years of sacrifice, devotion to the God-Emperor, and most importantly, cunning and relentless politicking. Most have also held their office for decades if not centuries and it is often said that Synod Cardinals only die when the God-Emperor himself gives them his personal permission (which is to say rarely). Finally each Cardinal has his own diocese on the world on which he resides, more commonly referred to as his seat of power. This is the center of the Cardinal’s authority and his base of operations within his Arch-Diocese, from which he rarely if ever leaves.