Skaelen-Har is a massive corporation founded on a set of comprehensive philosophical principles known as the Concordium. The Skaelen-Har Hegemony is a very powerful and efficient heavy manufacturing corporation with concerns across the Calixis Sector, including hundreds of factoria in Hive Sibellus and Gunmetal City. One of its major products is spaceship parts and the Battlefleet Calixis in particular relies on Skaelen-Har to keep its warships in space. The connection between the Imperial Navy and the Hegemony is strong, since without the Hegemony the Battlefleet Calixis would be completely grounded.

Every member of the Hegemony follows the Concordium, a set of strictures that emphasize the realization of an individual’s potential through the destruction of his personality. The Concordium describes an “ideal” personality as obedient but ambitious, amoral and unmoved by emotive arguments, decisive and unforgiving. People who display these traits, claim Skaelen-Har, are those most likely to succeed in the 41st Millennium. A member of Skaelen-Har is required to gradually put aside his own personality in favor of the Concordium. His original personality is only permitted to emerge in controlled environments at Skaelen-Har gatherings.

Members of Skaelen-Har are recruited from all strata of society, as long as they have the potential to accept the Concordium. They then advance up the strict Hegemony hierarchy, with the higher circles being composed of those who have abandoned their personality completely. These higher circles form the leadership of Skaelen-Har and with their Concordium so in control there is little dissent or indecisiveness displayed in the Hegemony’s activities. Skaelen-Har members make for excellent Naval officers and there are many in the Battlefleet Calixis, but many in the officer class are suspicious of the Hegemony’s motives in placing so many of its members on the sector’s warships. Members of Skaelen-Har are all required to give up a part of themselves to the Concordium. To symbolise this, they all have a body part replaced, usually a hand or facial feature. The replacements range from simple prosthetics for lower-circle members to state-of-the-art augmentations for the most devoted followers of the Concordium. Skaelen-Har’s members wear the hegemony’s colors of black and silver and bear the symbol of a silver starburst.

It is known that the Skaelen-Har are in control of a fane within Gunmetal City, Fane Doru, though it is not well-received by its contemporaries for that very reason.