The Sons of Dispater care only for money. For them, every life has its price and only the station of the target and the ease of the kill mitigate the cost. The Sons started life as a mercenary company taking part in the vicious trade wars that flared up in the sector. It slowly coalesced into its modern shape, but with this refinement, it evolved to become a freelance guild of assassins, providing skilled murderers, duelists and saboteurs to anyone who could afford them. Over the years, the Sons have built up a well-deserved reputation for reliability and lethality and their reach extends outwards from their center of operations on Malfi to almost every important world in the sector. While their only loyalty is to the gelt they have been paid, the organization does consider its contracts to be inviolate, realizing long ago that an organization of turncoat assassins would have a very short life expectancy. Thus, any member of the Sons that betrays a contract had better hide their tracks very carefully or risk the wrath of their own.

Background PackagesEdit

Assassin: The Sons of Dispater

Cost: 100 XP

The Inquisition is not above hiring an assassin trained by the Sons of Dispater, valuing their skills and predicable motivations. Likewise, the assassin may have fallen foul of the Inquisition unwittingly (a member of the Holy Ordos is one of the few targets the Sons consider off-limits), and now has little option but to make amends.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Skills: You gain Common Lore (Underworld) (Int), Intimidate (S) and Security (Ag) as starting Skills.

Equipment: Exchange the sword that Assassins normally gain for a stub automatic, a silencer and two clips of ammunition.

Note: Any Sons of Dispater character who breaks or reneges on a contract---even at the Inquisition’s behest---and lets this information leak out, acquires a death-mark from their erstwhile colleagues in the guild, requiring all members to kill the renegade on sight.