The Tyrantine Cabal was commissioned many years ago in response to the dread prophesy of the Tyrant Star. Its members are known as Tyrantites or Spectarians (or more dismissively as star gazers), for they are charged with investigating apparitions of the spectral sun and the influence of the baleful Tyrant Star. The Tyrantine Cabal is based at the Bastion Serpentis, a bleak fortress of age-polished black stone jutting from the surface of Scintilla’s moon Lachesis, and their mobile operations for studying the after-effects of the Tyrant Star is the Tetragon Facility.

The Bastion is typical of the Inquisition waystations and local fortresses peppered across the sector. The Spectarians were granted sole discretionary use of the Bastion Serpentis at the inception of their cabal. Sector Governor Marius Hax, Senior Astropath Xiao and a few others know of its existence, and those who do not are kept away from the moon by dire warnings about geological instability. Lord Inquisitor Anton Zerbe can normally be found at the Bastion and it is here in its grand audience chamber that he holds the semi-regular meetings with all the cabal’s Inquisitors, at which they report on their activities and share information.

These gatherings are as much a venue for making allies and enemies as they are a forum for exchanging intelligence on the sector’s various threats and power groups. As the threat of the Tyrant Star is felt across the Calixis Sector, the membership of the cabal is not formally fixed. Some Inquisitors, those listed here, have stayed in the Calixis Sector for some time and accept Zerbe’s authority (although they do not all obey him by any means). Other Inquisitors might join on a temporary basis, especially if an investigation elsewhere brings them to the Calixis Sector in matters intersecting the Hereticus Tenebrae, while some simply come to lend their support while they tap the expertise of the cabal’s most experienced Inquisitors. The individuals listed here are confirmed Spectarians, but Inquisitors join and leave all the time, with Zerbe’s blessing.

As it is an Inquisitorial organization, it is rife with secret societies and sub-organizations. One of which, the Tenebrae Collegium, is infamous for its Shadow Agents. Though its existence is formally and officially denied by the Tyrantine Cabal, its agents are used in their pursuit of knowledge of the Tyrant Star.

Inquisitors of the Tyrantine CabalEdit

Lord Inquisitor Anton Zerbe, Ordo Hereticus

Witch Finder Rykehuss, Ordo Hereticus

Daemonhunter Ahmazzi, Ordo Malleus

Inquisitor Astrid Skane, Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitor Van Vuygens, Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Globus Vaarak, Ordo Hereticus

Lady Olianthe Rathbone

Inquisitor Soldevan, Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitor Vownus Kaede, Ordo Hereticus (Ordo Xenos)

Inquisitor Al-Subaai, Ordo Xenos