A low tech level feudal world with a heavy Imperial tithe burden. Existence here is agricultural and frugal. The king owns a lasgun, which makes him king. The Domain is famous for its brutality and medieval mindset and accidental visitors are often burned at the stake as witches for possessing such items as vox-links. The Domain was “visited” by the Spectral Sun eight years ago.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Sleep Dust

Harvested on Zillman’s Domain, the apothecaries found that crushing the seeds of an innocuous red and black flowered plant created a potent soporific powder. Inhaling the dust would drop a full-grown human in a matter of minutes and allow them to sleep dreamlessly for hours. Apart from feeling slightly drowsy for another couple hours afterwards, there are no other short or long-term effects. The powder is tasteless and is often administered by being stirred into food.

Inhaling or ingesting sleep dust forces a character to make a Difficult (–10) Toughness Test or 1d10 minutes later fall into a deep sleep for 1d5–TB hours.

1 Bottle: Cost 100, WT 0.5kg, Rare